About Us

Montosco is a brand of "La Collina Toscana S.r.l.", a modern and dynamic Italian company specialised in the production of 100% natural ingredients.

Montosco offers a prodigious variety of Herbs, Spices, Salts and Herb and Spice Mixes without added salt. This extensive range of products is rounded off with Gourmet Glaze, PGI Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Condiments based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and PGI Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Montosco adds innovation to the sector of Spices, Condiments and Sauces with its considerable investment in research and development and its aim to continue improving upon the quality of its offer and the characteristic intensity and flavour of its products.

It is thanks to new patented technologies that Montosco can offer such a very high standard of quality. The success of the brand is also due to the highly attractive, stylish packaging which appeals immediately to the consumer and looks perfectly at home on the table!

The strengths of Montosco

Quality and attention to detail: Montosco's aim has always been to bring high quality Herbs and Spices to the dinner table.

It is for this very reason that all of Montosco's Mediterranean Herbs and Spices are grown in Italy. The Company also imports the very best Herbs and Spices from around the World, like the Tellycherry black pepper which is unique on the market for the quality and intensity of its aroma.

With regard to the processing of raw materials, Montosco has a modern, state-of-the-art site in Crotone. Here, special patented technologies are used which, unlike traditional ones, preserve the original organoleptic properties of the products, guaranteeing that the Herbs and Spices remain absolutely fresh.

At the end of the process, and in order to preserve taste and aroma over time, each mill and dispenser is sealed with a protective liner to ensure the unblemished quality of the product at the time of opening.

Another salient feature of the brand is an attention to detail: Montosco ensures outstanding quality with modern mills and dispensers which are designed to look attractive and sophisticated, and ones of a kind.

Each mill has an adjustable ceramic grinder that guarantees uniform grinding over time. Montosco's mills can also be reused thanks to practical dispensers designed especially for refilling or dispensing with a special cap with double shaker.

It is the packaging that lends Montosco's mills and dispensers such powerful allure and makes them a desirable feature on the table, even on the very smartest of occasions.