Montosco takes you on a fantastic journey among the scents and flavours of the finest Spices, imported directly from their countries of origin; among the colours and elegant profusion of the most sought-after Salts in the World; and among the aromas and delectability of the most excellent Mediterranean Herbs and Spices grown and processed exclusively in Italy.

As well as a spectrum of flavours and scents, the Herbs, Spices and Salts evoke a whole world rich in colour. This is why Montosco attributes a colour to each mill and dispenser that can be immediately associated with a category.

We have selected leaf green for Mediterranean Herbs and Spices, sand yellow for World Spices, sea blue for World Salts, and red for all condiments.

The production process for Italian Herbs and Spices

  • Area of production (Calabria): exceptional harvest between March and October
  • Harvest: at the time when the scent and flavour has fully and perfectly matured
  • Processing and storage: within 24 hours of harvesting
  • Finished product: Montosco's mills and dispensers are ready to add their inimitable touch of elegance to your table.

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