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Montosco commits itself to bringing spices to every table like they’re freshly picked, to let everyone discover their perfectly preserved flavour. The spices are picked and carefully selected within one day of harvesting, when they are perfectly ripe.


Simply 100% natural. The fruits of nature give us flavours, aromas and beneficial properties. Montosco seeks to preserve both the quality and nutritional characteristics of every single herb and spice.


Spices are good for us. All spices have beneficial properties for the body. Using spices every day helps achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Montosco wants to spread the word of how spices can help us adopt healthy eating habits.

Experiencing a flavour doesn’t just mean savouring its taste but entering into the world of that food, knowing the path it’s taken to reach our tables. Experiencing a flavour also means knowing how much benefit that flavour can bring to our lives.
At Montosco we want to do just that: to make sure the flavours of our herbs and spices come alive in every dish.

Our ingredients: 100% natural.
We don’t add anything to our herbs and spices except the passion that’s guided our work growing, harvesting and packing our products for years.

For us, nature is a source of inspiration for seeking flavours linked to the gastronomic culture of each region, which is why our commitment to nature has become stronger: we design our packaging to be reused, thereby reducing waste. This is the Montosco Eco Concept, an ethical choice that involves carefully selecting the materials for our 100% recyclable and increasingly eco-friendly packs.

I nostri packaging si distinguono in:

Our grinders and dispensers are equipped with freshness-saving lines that maintain the organoleptic characteristics and beneficial properties of each product unaltered, ensuring the original taste of freshly picked herbs when opening.
Our products are designed to be functional, practical and elegant, to decorate any kitchen.

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